At Donson we make advanced workflow applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. We are committed to developing useful, professional apps for use on ultra personal mobile computing platform.

Apple’s App Store gives us an opportunity to reach the market without the usual costs, eliminating much of the cost involved, leaving us to concentrate on the application itself. A recipe that we think is a winner, because ultimately the user benefits most.

Our first app is available now on the App Store. iwillSELLMORE is an opportunity manager, it helps sales people track their sales and commissions, it identifies strengths and weaknesses and forecasts sales.
For sales people with targets.

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We will be launching our next app shortly.  Risk Manager, risk management best practices for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  1. Multiple projects

  2. Objective tracking

  3. Risk collection

  4. Risk categorisation

  5. Risk relationships

  6. Risk status tracking

  7. Likelihood assessment

  8. Significance assessment

  9. Impact assessment

  10. Risk response planning

  11. Risk event monitoring